Fourth Of July Pool Party

Fourth Of July Pool Party


Fourth Of July Pool Party

Well it was an early start that morning, we were bound and determined to have our new pool up for the 4th of July festivities. Got up at 5:00 am to beat the heat, my friend Randy showed  up about 6:30 and Jenna and the children all joined in. Roughly 2 hrs later it was time to install the pump and start filling, 6 hrs and 4,545 gallons or 37,723 pounds of water later it was Pool Time !!!!!

Check Out The Video

Time To Get Wet

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Emily and Wilbur Meet

Well now I’ve seen it all, a Pot Belly Pig walking the roads in Golden Valley. Never would I have ever thought to see this in the middle of the desert, But we did and Emily
had fun trying to feed it through the fence. Once Jenna got home we let Wilbur in the yard he properly fed and watered down. Although I think Jenna and Emily wanted to keep him, but then logic set in and he was shortly returned to the rightful owners….


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Cookie and Sophie Meet !!

Well It’s been one week since the passing of our beloved Pei Pei, and that had left our little Cookie very upset and lonely, well thanks to our daughter Chelsea she traveled all the way to Lake Havasu to surprise her Mom by bringing to her a new puppy……..Thank You Chelsea. Although Pei Pei’s memories will not be forgotten little Sophie helps put things back in balance

[youtube id=”JfHkEfORXFU” mode=”thumbnail” align=”center”]


Crazy Gene

So Yea Crazy Gene came over to do some home repairs for us, guess someone should  have told him not to drill through the baseboards into the water line…WOW a 4 hr project took all day!!!  It’s all good.