Emily and Wilbur Meet

Well now I’ve seen it all, a Pot Belly Pig walking the roads in Golden Valley. Never would I have ever thought to see this in the middle of the desert, But we did and Emily
had fun trying to feed it through the fence. Once Jenna got home we let Wilbur in the yard he properly fed and watered down. Although I think Jenna and Emily wanted to keep him, but then logic set in and he was shortly returned to the rightful owners….


[youtube id=”fr25d1lD39o” mode=”thumbnail” align=”center”]

Latest Emily Update

Jenna and I had our finger prints done this week for background checks, I.C.P.C. will be here next Wednesday for the home inspection. Emily’s foster mother Tracy sent these videos to us the other day..
[youtube id=”ilxtC4ncegw” mode=”thumbnail” align=”center”]

Emily With Her Foster Family

Emily With Her Foster Family

Emily With Her Foster Family

Our Granddaughter Emily in California with her foster family. We are so thankful they are taking such amazing care of her.

Jenna’s Visit With Emily

Unfortunately Emily is now in foster care in California, So Jenna made a 1400 mile round trip to visit her..They spent some time together with the CPS workers and we are trying to get custody or adopt her very soon. Emily is a beautiful little girl who needs a good stable home. Anyway she and Grandma had a good time seeing each other.