Hi from Chelsea and a big welcome to my page! I am 22 years old as of this post. I enjoy hanging out with friends and fast cars. My loves are my 98 Mustang GT and my 1998 Pontiac Trans Am WS6. I have completed 90% of my college degree program to become a forensic scientist but due to unforeseen financial circumstances I have had to put it on temporary hold. I currently work in the medical field with the elderly. I hope you will enjoy my page and as it is in the design faze please be patient! Feel free to leave comments where allowed and I will approve them as I see them.

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Chelsea’s Dorm Life

Chelsea’s Dorm Life

I just love this robot at NAU. Delivers food to students at their dorms. And Hey when its snowing I just Love itYou May Also Like...

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Never Forgotten !!!

To Our Soldiers

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