R.I.P. Ziggy

Well this morning did not turn out as planned, after yesterdays success with putting up the pool for the 4th of July we were expecting some friends for another get together, BBQ and more swimming, but instead we woke up , fed the animals as usual and about 1 hr later heard some strange crying out from our cat Ziggy, he apparently fell from either the fence around the dog run or possibly the breakfast bar on the back deck, either way the get together was cancelled and Jenna and I rushed to the animal hospital, Unclear as to exactly how it happened his back was broken, legs paralyzed and going to die from internal malfunctions………………..So R.I.P my little Ziggy aka Zigga Pig. We will always love and miss you.

Just a few pics as a kitten and then his last pic taken before that horrible but necessary shot………Sad day today.